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Vibrational Medicine Sessions;
Standing Feather (Reiki Master) offers an intuitive blending of drumming/sound casting, nature spirit ally work, and Reiki (energy balancing/ accelerated healing through voice and wave), with closing reflections highlighting the guiding power of spirit animals and the healing power of love.
(Specializing in helping people in the LGBT community to re-connect to their sacred source.)
RedWulf Dancing Bare (Reiki Master) offers an intuitive blending of Reiki, Polarity Therapy, drumming/sound casting, nature spirit ally work, rocking/ compression work, chakra/auric field balancing concluding with an integrative psychic reading.
Standing Feather and Redwulf offer a
Tandem Healing Session
with each simultaneously doing their individual yet interconnected vibrational medicine techniques ending with both sharing their impressions. The double power of our dual Sound Casting is a powerful journey unto itself and can be a portal opener to your psychic awareness growth.
(a Special Treat)
Walk-in Vibrational Medicines Clinic
Every Friday-RedWulf hosts a walk-in Vibrational Medicine Clinic
9am-noon and 3pm-6pm
suggested donation -$10-$20
no one turned away for lack of funds
Benefits- Besides the quieting of the mind, and the opening to shamanic portals, our services can be specifically helpful for;*reducing stress and tension,*symptomatic relief from anxiety, pain, and insomnia,*accelerated healing,*supporting cancer patients through chemo and radiation,*comforting the terminally ill as well as their caregivers,*easing the anxiety associated with illness and surgery,*working in conjunction with psychotherapy/spiritual counseling to provide rapid personal growth,
 Tarot Readings/ Psychic Counseling
RedWulf offers choice centered readings using a variety of tarot and other divination decks. We look at the present (with respect to past and future), compare options, find soul callings, divine mission, spirit gifts, karmic lessons, and more. (RedWulf has been reading since 1989)
Standing Feather and RedWulf offer a
Double Psychic Reading
with Animal Medicine and Soul Cards  providing direction through the references of the animal world and the windows of the soul visions.(Standing Feather has been studying animal behavior for over 25 years)
 Wild Crafted/Garden Medicinal Tinctures
from The Feather Cabinet. Tinctures from Standing Feather's medicine garden and locally gathered healing plants available. Seasonal offerings.
Sunday Workshop Series- (see events page)
Watch for our Spiritual Retreat offerings coming soon! (see events page)
Spirit Drum Journeys
with Standing Feather
and RedWulf
Meet animal/spirit/ancestor guides to obtain direction/information, retrieve lost soul pieces,and other work. Meet the power animals of each of your chakras through traditional trance drum beats/guidance to understand better your own nature and possibilities
Art Wellness
The healing of self through the creation, observation, and integration of art, as well as the visionary art stemming from shamanic practices ( the crossing to other dimensions to retrieve information valuable for self/community/world).We offer many mediums to explore our soul through the creation of art from paints, chalks, and pencils to ceramic creations in our soon-to-be-finished pottery studio, to outdoor sculpture creation and more. What art comes after healing sessions, journeys, lodges, and during workshops and retreats may be profound vehicles of transformation to you and others .
by S.F.and by RW
available at the Ancient Way Cafe' or El Morro Gallery
Wave Riders of the Ancient Way Healing Center
 is a new addition to the popular travelers destination El Morro R.V. Park and Cabins (just a 1/4 mile from El Morro National Monument Ramah, New Mexico). The park boasts campsites, r.v. sites, as well as comfortable cabins at affordable getaway rentals. The Ancient Way Cafe' (on the grounds of the park as well) offers great home-cooking from scratch, and homemade desserts, as well as excellent service in a unique and upbeat dining experience. Both of these services are also pieces of the package we create as part of our workshops and retreats.
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