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Yearning to see the stars, courageously I step into darkness.
You, RedWulf Dancing Bare and Standing Feather, are maestro guardians and guides into the soul's hidden resources. I have experienced profound and palpable healing of a primal wound that has blocked and haunted my journey to fullness of being. Maybe my words sound like unctious hyperbole'; most hopefully not, for I speak truth.
Thank you for allowing me to sit in your love-flowing medicine circle. Blessings to all at the Ancient Way Cafe' who cared for me so tenderly and deliciously.
May the grandmother and grandfather animal spirits continue to bless, protect, and reveal themselves through you.
Mucho amor y abrazo

William Ratterman-10/29/13- In response to the Wave Riders retreat of October 25-27 2013
" Waking Yourself Up To Your Spirit Animals"

Wave Riders of the Ancient Way

I rather think of them as shamans,
with shaman totems and shaman names,
shaman ways with sign and symbol,
aroused in sight and smell,
in shifting rhythms and fluctuating combinations
to scatter shift and recombine
the humors and the neurons.
With a gentle flap of buzzard wings,
breath of raven wind hoot of owl,
cranial/sacral, the learned touch of Reiki,
smudge of sage, chant of song,
of bell and gong and drumming,
to override the modern mind
and combine all modes of being.

They are two as one, these shamans,
two spirits each make four
squared sixteen in progression
with the four directions, four
humors, four elements,
astrologically twelve, twice timed
by the combined souls of yin and yang
in concert with the darkness.
And surrounded in the yurt round
healing walls with sacred symbols
from nations all around the world,
opening above through perfect circle
of turquoise blue to the sun bright sky.

Receptacle soul lies on the table:
My body long past young,
my three scores and ten expended
extended on through unclaimed allotments
borrowed from the remnant pool
of unlived years left over from
the prematurely dead and gone,
old body scarred and strengthened,
cut on, sewed up, marinated,
radiated and poisoned in the name of healing
too many rugged miles, ragged miles,
too many rabid not enough resuscitating stops,
worn, in need of monthly maintenance.

So start with chants and drumming
sage smudge incense and cranial/sacral
pressure points, gong, bell, owl wing fanning
evolving and transcending downward
into the primitive radical, the cellular and atomic,
where myriad invisible particles combine to conjure archetypes
of smile and hope and wish and weep and live
until the emptied mind refills in images and colors
shapes and sequences bouncing off the brain,
penetrating inward mindward and calling out the soul.

First blues and bears and ravens
a coral sunset over the horizon
deepening to burnt sienna,
black and white and shifting grids of gold,
circles of turquoise lightening sky blue,
a bifurcated vision field shinning through
a kaleidoscope of geometric declarations-
faces old and gray, morphing through history
ending with my own, young at first and aging,
split screen again with purple turtles climbing up
and over a rainbow from southwest to northeast
a golden wolf crouched below as if to pounce,
laughter, silent cosmic laughter from deep down in the center,
more wolves appearing, first the nose then the eyes
out from a softly clouded sky of gray, blue,
turquoise: evolving gray faces and shoulders,
here, then there and gone again,
shadows walking, chants in languages
not a one of us can speak, but everybody understands
at the quantum level of unconscious cells.

Mixed modalities and mysteries:
no to Aristotelian logic,
no to Scottish empiricism,
no to logical positivism:
body mind and soul scrambled transcending,
improvising simple understanding.
I rise in peace among us all and painless.
Safer than acid and it doesn't make you sick.

Michael Patrick Emery
                                                                     July 2013     

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