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Glossary of terms
Vibrational Medicine is the concept that anything with form has a vibration that may be of service to us as humans.  All things in form have core particle/wave essence with sound and texture and pattern, and that form can be used to understand and heal the human body which is a blending of virtually, if not entirely, all forms.  The human form can be regulated against such forms that have to always be a certain vibration in order to stay that form.This is the basis for color therapy, crystal therapy, sound therapy and other forms.
Reiki is a gentle "Buddhist laying on of hands" healing form which originated in Japan over 2500 years ago. It is the channeling of accelerated healing energy (chi, prana, spirit) as well as a philosophy for life.An "attunement" is to be given the symbols and sounds of Reiki through the portals of the chakras, in order to fine tune ones remembrance of a gift that is always available to us.
Polarity Therapy uses finger stimulation of the body's electromagnetic and meridian systems to balance flows and unlock blocks. Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in 194_
Rocking/ Compression are gentle body work techniques to soothe and open the body's holding places and invite peace
.Chakra/Auric Field Balancing is focused on balancing the body's 7 primary energy centers, as well as the energetic field (aura) that sits outside the physical body(that we see) directing its understanding and flow.
Drumming/Sound Casting is a primary focus on the transcendent power of the drum and the voice through sounds/tones/chants dancing with the body's energy flows to bring about clarity, healing, and peace. 
Nature Spirit Ally Work is the use of crystals, stones, carved animal fetishes to realign the out-of-balance energy points of a body and reset their core vibrations.  It is as well, wings/feathers swept through a body's energy field to remove toxins, "smooth ruffles', and bring connective higher insight. It is the use of the natural world in all its myriad forms to affect positive change on self and the world.
Ayurvedic Medicine- 6000 year old study of the human condition through the eyes of Hindu/Indian yogic science.
Shamanic Work- the best definition I've ever heard- the crossing over to other consciousnesses, with or without drugs, to retrieve information vital for the growth of self and community/world.
Winkte's, Walk-Betweens, and Two Spirits-three of many terms used to describe the third gender of many tribes and cultures. These are the blenders and bridge builders of understanding and peace between two sides of being, the walks-between inhabiting and understanding both sides. It is not necessary to be GLBT to be a walks-between, though many are. It is only necessary to be a bridge.
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