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The path to healing is ultimately your own. You must bring your own openness, willingness, intuition and wisdom. Only you can choose the perfect path of self. We offer many techniques and rituals that can open possibilities, awareness, cleansing and balancing to you, if you so choose. We offer paths of nourishment, introspection, safety, and accelerated healing in order for you to re-member your body, mind, heart, and spirit.                                   
Love and Light
RedWulf Dancing Bare and Standing Feather

About Us
Our Mission is to create fun, safe, sacred, and heart-filled environments in which people can access their deep inner wisdom and self healing abilities. In this amazing land, with beautiful accommodations, an excellent dining experience, and our care, we believe you will have a positive life altering experience. Come and stay a while! 

Our Aim is to offer workshops, retreats, individual and group sessions, Reiki attunements, and trainings in a variety of vibrational medicine techniques, as well as healing journeys through the creation of art, gardening, and other expressive venues . It is to focus on the re-balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain-primarily the opening to shamanic sensing (self-trusting psychic sensing) for the retrieval of information pertinent to the healing of ourselves and the world. It is also to focus on the balancing of the two-spirit (winkte', or walks-between) understandings and acceptance of their dynamic and necessary place and part in the universal scheme of things.

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