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     Our minds talk too much. We worry and obsess, thinking endlessly day and night, often until we can't get a break from it and we become worn down, then exhausted, then sick from it. Our minds also call us names, and get stuck in an endless loop of self-incrimination, self-hatred and disempower- ment from life and love and joy. In Ayurvedic medicine, there is a belief that 80% of our "dis-ease", is directly attributable to our out-of-balance worrying, and the continuous onslaught of opinions of our self that are negative and condemning.
              At Wave-Riders of the Ancient Way, we offer a wide array of body/mind/ spirit therapies geared toward the re-establishment of a client's personal frequency of wellness.We offer many experiences and trainings to take you deeper into your own intuitive and knowledge based understanding of how to find balance, and facilitate healing for self and others. And we offer a large palette of visionary tools and mediums to explore and expand your authentic and ever creative spirit greatness.
 Our Vibrational Medicine Sessions are great vehicles to shut off the yakity-yak mind and calm the body/mind/spirit to allow self-healing. Our intuitive blendings of certified therapies including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, rocking/
compression, as well as our own Sound Casting, and Nature Spirit Ally Work, come together to gently move and balance stuck energy  and accelerate healing. 
Our Tarot Readings/Psychic Counseling are vehicles to reframe and reorganize one's values, recognize one's gifts, and expand one's awareness and allowance of possibilities in life. We utilize a wide variety of divinatory decks, as well as do reading/journey/ retreat work with power animals to help us find the reflections and metaphors and soul connections that will benefit our well being.
Our Guided Spirit Drum Journeys to meet ancestors/guides/ animal spirits, offer a vehicle to transcend one's self imposed limitations, and balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain ( the allowance of shamanic understanding). The opening to visionary portals through this, as well as our Art/Wellness Healing work and other offerings take one deeper into the garden of their soul to allow one to thrive rather than just survive.
We also strive to create healing and understanding towards and within the two-spirit, or winkte', or walks-between societies to bring about an acceptance and rejoicing in their sacred place and plan of the universe. We will be creating two-spirit healing retreats as well.
Seasonal Tinctures for health and well being from The Feather Cabinet. seasonal garden grown and wild crafted local plants tinctured in grain alcohol.
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